Airfield Construction - Airport Mihail Koganiceanu

Customer: HOCHTIEF Solutions AG Infrastructure Solutions Bucharest
Client: Airport Mihail Koganiceanu
Scope of Work: Concrete paving including Joint Installation
Construction Time: 07/2014 – 09/2014
Main Deliverable: 45.000m² Betoneinbau in fester Schalung
Joints Installation: 25.000m

The concrete pavement was installed in a single layer on a hydraulically bound base course using fixed formwork. The layer thickness varied according to the project between 20 and 37cm.
Due to very short construction time for the entire project, as well as very high air temperatures during the day, a two shift system was established. Preparatory works were carried out during the days and concrete paving was done mostly during nights.
Because the airport is also used by US and Romanian military Air Force the construction works were often shortened or interrupted by aircraft operations.
Despite these adverse conditions, the first stage of the apron was largely completed within 2 months after starting the construction.
Main equipment used for the construction was manufactured by company Wirtgen. We used our new paver SP 850 bought in 2014. During works the paver was widened to 10m, in order to accelerate construction progress. The surface structure was done by broom finish.